Sports Training Instructions Workshop for endowing a physically and Mentally balanced, healthy young generation

A four day residential sports training instructions workshop was held from 01.09.2015 to 04.09.2015, under the theme of endowing a physically and mentally balanced, healthy young generation to the nation, at the National Institute of Sports Science, Colombo for 50 vocational training instructors work in the training centers of the National Youth Services Council and the Youth Corps scattered through out the island under the State Ministry of Youth Affairs.

This series of programmes is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports with the intention of building nutritionally balanced distinctive citizens by eliminating the impediments caused by the social crisis of youth deviations from the sports within the contemporary society.

Accordingly, this intends to disseminate that knowledge through the instructors of the training centers coming under the State Ministry of Youth Affairs by providing a special training for them.

The inauguration ceremony of the sports training instructions workshop was commenced on a last day under the patronage of Secretary to the Ministry of Sports Mr. I.M.I.Rafeek, Additional Secretary (Development) of the State Ministry of Youth Affairs Mr. Sumanapala Keeragala, Director General of the Department of Sports Development Mr. K.D.S. Ruwanchandra ,and Director of National Institute of Sports Science Mr. Sajith Jayalal.

The certificates awarding ceremony was held successfully concluding the Sports Training Instructions Programme on 04.09.2015, and they suggested to continue this programme further due to its successfulness.


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