" Kokila Wasanthaya - 2015 "April Festival held at the Nipunatha Piyasa Premises


“Kokila Wasanthaya-2015” Sinhala and Hindu new year festival, organized jointly by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training, was held on the day before yesterday (07th) at the” Nipunatha Piyasa” premises.

This April festival was organized by the welfare society of the Ministry with the support of benefactors. The objective of was to develop affability among employees of both ministries and to carry the New Year massage amongst them.

This Bak Maha festival consisted of 24 different games including the modern contests such as lighting candles, threading cottons through needle ,the longest hoot in addition to traditional contests such as Kana mutti bideema, Aliyata ahe thabima, Polathu wiweema and Banis kema.

Mrs. Nilanthi Sugathadasa, secretary to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Mr. Abeyrathna Rathnayake, Secretary to the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training and many other officials of both ministries took part in the inaugural ceremony of this New Year festival, and their participation for various events from time to time was helpful to develop geniality  of ministry colleagues.


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