Collaboration of the State of Qatar for youth development in Sri Lanka

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the State of Qatar on a last day at the Presidential Secretariat to obtain their cooperation for youth development in Sri Lanka.

This MOU was signed by the Hon.Minister of Youth Affairs and the leader of Puttalam district U.N.P, Mr. Niroshan Perera on behalf of Sri Lanka and Mr. Shaikh Tamimbin Hamad Althani, who works as the Emir of the State of Qatar.

The purpose of signing this Memorandum of Understanding is to achieve long term objectives of development of skills, experiences, and resources relating to the subject of Youth Affairs in Sri Lanka. The foremost objectives of this Memorandum of Understanding are to promote bilateral relationship in connection with youth associations, experts and specialist who are engaged in work relevant the youth policies of the two countries ,to exchange equally significant information and views as well as physical and economic activities relevant to youth , to promote collaboration between two parties through the results of the researches in the sector , to properly implement youth sports , cultural programs and other youth exchange programs etc. between two countries ,to encourage specialist in the field, to exchange of information related to employ unemployed youth community and to develop collaboration, and to develop collaboration relating to other fields of youth development with the consent of relevant parties.

Shaikh Tamimbin Hamad Althani, the Emir of the state of Qatar, the delegates of the State of Qatar, the Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs Mrs. Nilanthi Sugathadasa and Ministry Officials participated in this occasion.

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