Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know a particular training programme is an accredited (quality assured) one?
    You may check their Accreditation Certificate issued by TVEC and its validity period. If TVEC has issued Accreditation Certificate for a particular training course, its quality is assured by the TVEC.

  • How do I know a particular training center is quality assured one?
    First check their TVEC Registration, which they have to display in their training center or issue a copy on your request. You may check expiry date in the registration certificate, in case which training centers bearing expired registration are not suitable to conduct training. Also you may check TVEC web site to confirm their registration status.

  • If I already selected my career plans how do I find suitable training courses for me?
    You may find all relevant information in TVET GUIDE published by TVEC and this is a complete guide for training courses in public sector training organizations giving sector wise course name, province, agency, training center address, contact details, duration, course fee, age limit, training mode, course starting dates and employment opportunities available etc. Also you may search in online TVET GUIDE in TVEC web

  • How do I decide on best suited career pathway for my future?
    You may select area of your interest or your choice. If you are uncertain of your choice, we advice you to obtain service of Career Guidance Officer attached to Career Guidance Centers established in institutions under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development. Click here to view details of career guidance centers in Sri Lanka.
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