Divisions of the Ministry

Administration Division

  • Management of establishment work and provide guidance to officers in the Ministry and the Institutions under the Ministry.
  • Work relation to foreign scholarships, foreign training and foreign tours of officers of the Ministry and Institution.
  • Provision of office equipment, stationary, welfare, safety, sanitary needs etc of the staff.
  • Attend to maintenance of buildings, vehicles and equipment.
  • Provision of various types of loans under the Advanced Account to the Ministry staff, and provision of property and transport loans to officers in State Institutions.

Development Division

  • Preparation and Implementation of policies, programs and projects relating to the youth development
  • Development and Implementation of career guidance and social marketing program for youth development
  • Effective Implementation of National Action Plan for Youth Employment
  • Implementation of aesthetic and cultural programs for development of moral of youth
  • International cooperation in youth development matters
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the programs / projects of institutions listed under the Youth Development Division

Finance Division

  • Overall financial Management of the Ministry and Institutions under the Ministry.
  • Preparation of Annual Budget for the Ministry and Institutions under its preview.
  • Disbursement of Funds and collection of revenue on behalf of the Trea.
  • Preparation of accounts to the Treasury and other relevant agencies.
  • Preparation of Appropriation Accounts.
  • Liaise with Treasury and other agencies with regard to Financial matters.
  • Financial Management of the Foreign Funded Projects under the Ministry.

Planning Division

  • Preparation of Strategic Plans, Annual Action Plans for the TEVT sector.
  • Preparation of Project Proposals, screening and submission of project proposal to the Division of external Resources for funding.
  • Preparation of Annual Performance Report of the Ministry
  • Co-ordination and progress monitoring pertaining to the development projects / programmes undertaken by the institutions.
  • Conduct progress review meetings and follow-up action on training and development programmes of the agencies.

Infrastructure Development Division

  • Overall coordination and guidance in planning Infrastructure Development of the Ministry and Institutes coming within the purview of the Ministry.
  • Monitoring and Implementation of programmes relating to the Infrastructure Development to ensure timely completion within budgetary allocations
  • Assist the Secretary in monitoring and reviewing the progress on Foreign Funded Buildings Projects and Infrastructure Developments
  • Provide technical support service to the Chief Accountant in the procurement of goods and services
  • Evaluation of Project Proposals relevant to Infrastructure& Development and submit to relevant authorities with the concurrence of the Secretary and take follow up action with the authorities
  • Assist the Institutions under the Ministry to plan Infrastructure and formulate strategies in building space usage and usage of services, economically

Internal Audit Division

  • Co-ordination activities including calling for committee meetings on audit management and reporting
  • Matters relating audit quarries of the Ministry, referring to relevant branches and co-ordination.
  • Calling for answers to audit quarries of the institutions under the Ministry, and co-ordination
  • Internal audit of the Ministry
  • Auditing the institutions under the Ministry
  • Co-ordination of activities related to answering the quarries in relation to accounts, from the Public Accounts Committee, Public Enterprises Committee and the Parliament of Sri Lanka
  • Follow up action with regard to timely submission of monthly reports, quarterly reports and annual reports submitted to accounts and payments Director with regard to accounts
  • Proper maintenance of audit quarry register and examination of audit quarry documents of other institutions

Small Enterprises Development Division

  • Enhance entrepreneurial capabilities of youth
  • Motivate unemployed youth to access field of enterprise
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of enterprises
  • Provide supportive services for development of enterprise

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