Citizen Charter

The objective of formulating this charter is to make the general public aware of the responsibilities of the Ministry and the Institution under its purview and the right of the general public to obtain the services provided by the institutions.

The public/citizens can have access to the:

  • Information about the training courses conducted in the institutions under the purview of the Ministry
  • Information about the training standards
  • Information about youth development programs
  • Information about career guidance and counselling
  • Information about career paths (upward mobility in National Vocational Qualification System)
  • Information about registration of training institutions
  • Information about accreditation of training programs

Our Vision

Skilled Youth Generation

Our Mission

To build up a Sri Lankan youth community who can actively participate in national development through the development of personality and skills.

Vesting of legal power in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development

Power has been vested in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development to perform the following duties in terms of the gazette extra ordinary dated 22.11.2010 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

  • Youth development activities.
  • Formulation of Vocational and Technical Training policies.
  • Formulation of volunteer services campaigns for the youth.
  • Development of entrepreneurial skills among unemployed youth.
  • Implementation of policies plans and programmes related to Vocational & Technical Training.
  • Administration of Technical Colleges under the DTET.
  • Training of Vocational & Technical teachers.
  • Apprentice Training.
  • Training of Engineering students at technological and diploma level.
  • Awarding of National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and Degree level certificate.
  • Conducting career guidance programmes.

Our Objectives & Clients

Our Objectives

  • Formulate and implementations of National Youth Policy that would provide guidance for Youth Development of the Country.
  • Broaden the opportunities for youth to develop skills to participate fully in socio – economic development of the country
  • Improve quality and relevance of the Vocational and Technical Training sector for creating a globally employable workforce.
  • Enhance opportunities for youth to being a sustainable livelihood by creating an entrepreneurial culture among youth.
  • Promote equal access for training, employment and development opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged groups (Vulnerable Groups)
  • Ensure availability of upward mobility path to secure higher qualifications in the field of Vocational and Technical Education.

Our Clients

  • Sri Lankan youth
  • Instructors in the institutions that provided youth development services and vocational and technical education
  • Employees of government institutions who are engaged in the vocational and technical field
  • Employees of private sector who are engaged in the vocational and technical field
  • Vocational Training Institutions of private sector that provided the vocational and technical training

Institutions established under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development for providing services

Institute Address Telephone E-mail Web
National Youth Services Council (NYCS) National Youth Centre, 65, High Level Rd, Maharagama +94 11 2850986-7+94 11 2850759-60 youngnet[at]
Sri Lanka Youth Services (Privet)Limited (SYSL) National Youth Centre, 65, High Level Rd, Maharagama +94 11 2844250 yslmhg[at] -
National Youth Award Authority (NYAA) National Youth Centre, 65, High Level Rd, Maharagama +94 11 2896563 sen.kahan[at] -
Sri Lanka National Youth Services Co-operative Societies Union Ltd. NYSCO) National Youth Centre, 65, High Level Rd, Maharagama +94 11 2837573 - -
National Youth Corps (Youth Corps) No. 420, Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07. +94 11 2684784
+94 11 2681566
Ceylon-German Technical Training Institute (CGTTI) No. 582, Galle Rd, Mount Lavinia. (Moratuwa) +94 11 2605625+94 11 2605535 cgtt[at]
Sri Lanka Institute of Printing (Print House)   +94 11 2686162
+94 11 2679781
National Institute of Fisheries & Nautical Engineering (OCEAN University) No. 15, Crow Island, Colombo 15. +94 11 2529862 / 63/66 nifne[at]
National Center for Leadership Development (NCLD) Ambilipitiya +94 47 2230246 ictrld[at] -
Department of Technical Education and Training (DTET) P.O Box 557,Olcott Mawatha, Colombo 10 +94 11 2333478 tecedu[at]
Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) ‘Nipunatha Piyasa’, 3rd floor, 354/2, Alvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05 +94 11 225349291 tvec[at]
University of vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC) No. 100, Kandawala Road, Rathmalana +94 11 2624405
+94 11 2605864+94 11 2622457
Vocational Training Authority (VTA) ‘Nipunatha Piyasa’, 3rd floor, 354/2, Alvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05 +94 11 2595992+94 11 2596516
+94 11 2596517
National Apprentice & industrial Training Authority (NAITA) No. 971, Sri Jayawardhanapura Mawatha, Welikada, Rajagiriya +94 11 2663680+94 11 2667435 naitach[at]
National Human Resource Development Council (NHRDC) ‘Nipunatha Piyasa’, 6th floor, 354/2, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05 +94 11 2595680 nhrdesl[at]
National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) No. 120/5, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07 +94 11 2532100
+94 11 2685807
Skills Development Fund (SDFL) ‘Nipunatha Piyasa’, 6th floor, 354/2, Alvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05 +94 11 2507273
+94 11 2507274
lasilva[at] -

The powers vested in the Institutions

Service Delegation of Authority Institute
  • To instil a national feeling, a sense of discipline, an understanding of socioeconomic problems and dignity of labour among youth
  • Youth participation in national development programmes, broadening the knowledge of youth and provision of training relevant to youth
  • Encourage the youth for competition and victory
  • Encourage the youth for cultural, literal and artistic activities, provision of recreation facilities
  • Assist the disabled youth
  • Establish youth organizations, assist the existing ones
  • Formulation of youth services projects, integration and development
National Youth Services Act No: 69 of 1979 National Youth Services Council (NYSC)
  • Provision of training and instructions to unemployed youth
  • Guiding and encouraging the youth for national development
  • Perpetuate the skills of the youth worldwide
  • Provision of job training opportunities to the youth and employees of the NYSC
  National Youth Services Council Limited (NYSC Ltd)
  • Encourage the youth, of the age of the 14 – 25 to develop their personality and responsibilities, to acquire a suitable level of performance, to exploring skills, to develop their self confidence and to help the society.
  • Provide opportunities for adult participation for the development of the youth through imparting the skills and preferences which seems more productive to himself.
In accordance with the cabinet Memorandum No : 011 of 1979 in pursuant to the cabinet decisions taken on 25th July 1979 and 24th Sep 1980 National Youth Award Authority (NYAA)
  • Facilitate the activities of the member societies, Assist the member societies to achieve their aspirations, provide opportunities to member societies to express their views.
  • Represent their members in national development activities, in formulation of and implementation youth service policies.
Registration Number : Co/2689
Registration Number Date : 1986.01.01
Sri Lanka National Youth Services Co-operative Societies Union (NYSCO)
  • Direction, Supervision and Co-ordination of Technical Education Training Programmes.
  • Identification of requirements and formulation of suitable full time and part time technical education and training programmes.
  • Production of counselling resources and materials needed for the implementation of technical education and training programmes.
  • Development of staff such as teachers, administrators and managers for efficient and effective implementation of technical education and training.
Cabinet Decision No: අමප/93/310/022
dated 10th March 1993.
Department of Technical Education and Training (DTET)
  • Formulation, Co-ordination and development of tertiary education and vocational education programmes at all levels to cater to the needs of the human resources of the economy.
  • Development of nationally identified methodologies for awarding of tertiary education including certificates and other academic skills.
  • Accreditation of courses.
  • Registration of training institutes.
  • Issuing of certificates to the trainees who have undergone training on skills based training.
Tertiary & Vocational Education Act No 20 of 1990, Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC)
  • Develop the skills and abilities of the students in vocational and technical training sector and provide facilities to obtain university education.
  • Provide education on training methodology for the staff of the technical and vocational training sector and in the industry.
  • Provide university entrance opportunities to the medium level technicians by formulating technical education and vocational training courses.
  • Formulation of courses related to the promotion of skills and educational qualifications of the students of NVQ qualified.
  • Development of degree courses so as to increase the participation by private and public sector for professional development.
Act No 31 of 2008 University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTECH)
  • Preparation of vocational training programmes and thereby provision of vocational training to the youth directly and with the assistance of other institutions
  • Conducting national vocational researchs and issuing national certificates
  • Provision of further training to the youth who have undergone vocational training
The Vocational Training Authority Act No: 12 of 1995 Vocational Training Authority (VTA)
  • Provision of industry based training in addition to the divisional training by 3 national institutions
  • Provision of on the job training to the students of other vocational training institutions
  • Provision of in-plant training to the undergraduates of Peradeniya and Ruhuna, and other diploma students
  • Issuing of loans for entrepreneurial skills development programmes
Part II of Tertiary and Vocational Education Act No of 1990 National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA)
  • Conducting studies, surveys, exams and researches
  • Conducting lecctures and workshops
  • Issuing of publications with regard to human resources development
Act No : 18 of 1997 Human Resources Development Council
  • Provision of computer education
  • Provision of business management education & training, and development
  • Provision of management counselling services
Amended by the Act No 23 of 1976 National Institute of Business Management (NIBM)
  • Conducting training courses on printing and graphics
  • Conducting seminars and workshops for school leavers to aware them of the printing and graphic sector and its job opportunities
  INGRIN Institute of Printing and Graphic Sri Lanka (INGRIN)
  • Job oriented training, skills development and retraining of employees of the private and public sector organization
  • Extension of entrepreneurship based training in order to develop an induced and skilled labour force
  • Promote the link between training providers and employers
Articles of Association Company Act Skills Development Fund (SDF)
  • Youth development and provision of vocational training
  • Provide professional education
Youth Corps Act No : 21 of 2002 Youth Corps
  • Preparation of vocational Training Programmes and provision of vocational training
  • Conducting National Vocational Trade Tests and issuing of other awards to the persons who have undergone vocational training.
  • Activities such as, vocational training, researches, development and counselling relation to motor mechanism.
  • Provide career guidance to choose a suitable job opportunity.
  • Training of trainers needed for the vocational training in private & public sector, co-ordination and facilitating.
  • Establishing regional centres to conduct training courses.
  • Build up and develop relationships with the international training organizations
  Ceylon German Technical Training Institute (CGTTI)
  • Training of individuals who are currently engaged in the printing industry in order to uplift the printing status of the printing institutions.
  • Organizing training courses and issuing of certificates and diplomas in the field of printing technology and management.
  • Collecting and dissemination of publications and journals related to printing sector to those who are engaged in the trade, participate in professional exhibitions related to printing industry.
Act No : 18 of 1924 of Sri Lanka Printing Institute Sri Lanka Printing Institute (Print House)
  • Provision of educational courses and training programmes related to Fisheries and Nautical Engineering
  • Holding discussions, seminars and conferences related to the field.
  • Conducting researches, surveys and investigations on this sector and promotion of them.
The National Fisheries and Nautical Engineering Act No: 36 of 1999 National Institute of Fisheries & Nautical Engineering (OCEAN University)
  • Conducting short term training courses for rural leaders, community based development officers and woman in order to develop leadership skills.
  • Conducting entrepreneurship training courses
  • Conducting school prefects training programs
A letter dated 9th March 1988 of the Prime Minister of the their government International Centre for the Training of Rural Leaders (ICTRL)


Activity Standards Institute
Standard of calling applications
  • Awareness through gazette notification
  • Through media
  • Through handouts
  • Through guidance programmes
  • Through all the training institutions under the Ministry
Standards in recruitments
  • Educational qualifications
  • Professions
  • National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
(Recruitment to college of Technology and University of Vocational Technology)
  • Through all the training institutions under the Ministry
Training Standards
  • National Vocational Qualification Training
  • Skills Based Training (National Skills Standard)
  • All the training institutions under the Ministry
Standards in issuing of certificates
  • Awarding of certificates under NVQ
  • Competency based training certificates
  • Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission
Standards related to courses
  • Courses accredited under TVEC
  • Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission
Standards related to training institutions
  • Vocational training institutions registered under Tertiary and Vocational Training Institutions.
  • Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission

Our Dedication & Expectation

Our Dedication:

We hereby declare by this charter to render our services to the Public/ Clients

  • Honestly
  • Lawfully
  • Courteously
  • Understandably
  • Impartially
  • With transparency
  • With responsibility
  • With guaranty
  • Without delay
  • Efficiently and
  • Effectively

Our Expectation

  • Contribution towards personal development and render a better service to the nation by providing better training opportunities for the youth, and make the citizens of Sri Lanka aware of our duties and responsibilities.
  • Provision of qualitative and internationally recognized vocational training.

Complaints and Problems

The measures taken by us for the resolution of complaints and problems

Hereby we are bound under this charter at all times possible to provide answers to all requests, statements, and communications presented by clients/ citizens. In case the specified qualifications have been fulfilled your request can be met within the specified period. If your request can not be fulfilled due to unavoidable circumstances, we will inform you without delay. Our staff is obliged to provide the services courteously and promptly. However please inform us without delay. We appreciate your views and ideas with regard to this charter.

We will inform you the receipt of your complaint within 03 days time. A final solution will be given after discussing with the authorities concerned.

Address : Secretary
State Ministry of Youth Affairs
Nipunatha Piyasa
No. 354/2 Elvitigala Mawatha
Colombo 05.
Telephone : +94 11 2597801
Fax : +94 11 2597804
Website :

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