Hon. Minister's Message

Youth is the future of a country. 26% of the overall population of Sri Lanka represents the youth generation. To have an arrogant life, a suitable back ground in the country which required directing the youth for an income way, which suits to their knowledge and skills or, other mean, should be established.

State institutions are established for the welfare of the public. Those are committed under the officials in big or small scale, vivid subjects or geographical way in order to ease the flowing of the service in top level to bottom. The public has the right to see the roles of the state institutions transparently. In respect of that public servants would not able to escape from the responsibility of aware the public.

Ministry of Youth Affairs than in the inception within the capacity of its subject of youth today should give a helping hand to the responsibility of leading the youth for current requirements. Youth generation which comes forward with all new trends of the technology and new vigor, is indeed fruitful in future. It is doubtless, the step that keeps today on behalf of them with humanity would prepare the necessary foundation for tomorrow to a changed Sri Lanka.

The prime mission in view of developing the abilities and capabilities of the future young generation in Sri Lanka is being carried out by the Ministry of Youth Affairs. As the highways are joining North and South, the dawn of an era is being created to acquire the assistance of the international youth to the Sri Lankan youth. I believe that we should all work hard to build the youth in future. The compliment of the nation will be offered to all who assist to more effective it.

Hon.Niroshan Perera
Minister of Youth Affairs 

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